PearShaped Ticket Offer

A message from School of Arts alumnae, Rachael Smith (Drama and Theatre BA, 2013:


My name is Rachael and I’m getting in touch on behalf of my theatre company PearShaped with a ticket offer for our show Conquest, which is transferring to The Bunker later this month.

I am School of Arts alumni (I graduated in 2013), studied Drama and Theatre Studies, and am now producing with PearShaped, We are an emerging theatre company who make female-led theatre and twist conventional forms of storytelling.

Described as Fight Club meets Calendar Girls, Conquest is a funny and honest exploration of sexual consent and the minefield of today’s feminism. And involves a lot of cupcakes.

The show premiered at Vault festival where we got some great reviews. Here are some things people said about the show:


“A timely, humorous look at feminism, period-shaming and the glaring issues of a patriarchal society” (A Younger Theatre)


“This is a Conquest [people] should be boasting they have seen” (British Theatre Guide)


“a statement piece penned by Katie Caden… an exploration of the multidimensional female voice”  – Londontheatre1


The show is running from the 29th May to the 9th June (Tuesday – Saturday) starting at 8.30pm every night. We’re double billing with fab company on the button who are presenting their show ‘Don’t Panic! It’s Challenge Anneka’ at 7pm each night. Here’s the link for more information and tickets:

For each performance, there is a limited amount of Under 30s tickets for £10. Alternatively, if you book 5 tickets, the 6th will be free using the code DRAMASOC

Former MA student’s work at EIFF

A film made by a former Film MA student, Ece Ger, has been selected to the Edinburgh International Film Festival official selection for 2018!​ Ece’s film is entitled Meeting Jim, and the press release about the programme is found here:

“Ece Ger’s Meeting Jim about Jim Haynes, the man who co-founded the Traverse Theatre and was fundamental to the growth of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will also have its World Premiere in Edinburgh in June.”

Calling all photographers and film makers!

GOLKK Theatre are looking for a student to join them on their tour of local Kent Galleries.

6 Venues, live audiences and the inside scoop on how touring really works.

GOLKK want their journey documented through photos and videos which can help you build your portfolio.


GOLKK are currently visiting artists in resident at the University of Kent. GOLKK is a multinational ensemble who explores physical theatre as being present in the moment. Through their dynamic and vitally playful work they find what is universal in being human.


If interested, please contact:

Normal Festival: Imagining Autism Cafe

School of Arts academics Professor Nicola Shaughnessy and Dr Melissa Trimingham will be bringing their Imagining Autism research project into view this Friday at the Festival of the Brain in Folkestone.

Schedule for the day in brief:


Participate Pop-Up Café

11am–4.30pm, The Clearing, FREE

Participate community café will be popping up

in The Clearing, offering an autism-friendly menu

that includes gluten- and dairy-free food and

a relaxed space to hang out.



Living with Autism: Roundtable

Midday (60 mins), Brewery Tap, £2

This chaired discussion brings together different

perspectives on living with autism – from parents,

siblings, autistic self-advocates and members of the

autistic community.



Living with Autism: Problem Solving

1pm (60 mins), Brewery Tap, £2

A structured session.



Perceiving Differently

2.30pm (45 mins), Quarterhouse Auditorium, £2

A workshop that invites participants to see and

experience the world around them differently, using

some of the training techniques developed for

Imagining Autism.



Playing A/Part: Women & Autism

3.45pm (60 mins), Quarterhouse Auditorium, £2


Please take a look at the brochure for full listings – CF_normal18_A5booklet_DIGITAL

The Sean Morley Memorial Prize






Sean Morley was a 20 year old History and Politics undergraduate, about to return for his final year at Aberystwyth University.  He was principled and intelligent, with a talent for rugby which saw him play for his university’s first XV, and for Nuneaton RFC. He was described by those who knew him as outstanding, with great wit, natural charm, and an exceptional future ahead of him.

Sean was killed on September 2nd 2012 when he was hit by a car as he made his way home on foot after a night out with friends.

The Sean Morley Memorial Prize is an initiative of the road safety charity AIRSO.  It is open to undergraduates of UK universities and rewards exceptional projects and dissertations which have a road safety theme.The Sean Morley Memorial Prize aims to promote research into road safety – and ultimately road safety itself – by attracting talented graduates to the field. In addition, it is hoped that the prize will provide a mechanism through which those just beginning their careers can bring their ideas to the wider road safety community. Most importantly, however, the Sean Morley Memorial Prize celebrates the life of a remarkable young man, whose needless loss reminds us why continued efforts to make our roads safer are so important.


Entry Criteria

Entry forms are available now, from, or via the Airso secretary

Completed projects must be emailed to no later than midnight on Friday 15th June 2018. Short-listed authors will be notified on Monday 16th July 2018.

The prize is open to any undergraduate project or dissertation which was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of an undergraduate degree at any UK university.

  • Entries should have been submitted as coursework to their universities no earlier than 2017, therefore eligibility is limited to 2016/17 and 2017/18 academic years.
  • The prize is open to all students regardless of degree subject, though it is anticipated that it may be of particular relevance to students on transport-related courses.
  • No definition of “road safety” is provided, as the organizers are keen to encourage a wide a range of entries. Students or tutors with queries about the suitability of projects should contact Lucy Rackliff using the contact details above.
  • Where the project is not in the form of a dissertation/thesis, (for example, is a proto­-type product or design scheme) supervisors or students should complete the application form now, & contact the organizers for guidance on what to submit when the project is completed
  • From submitted work, a short-list of at least three projects will be drawn up by a panel of judges.  Short-listed students will be invited to present their work to invited experts and VIP guests at a special event in October 2018. This event is normally at the Palace of Westminster.  Details will be confirmed in due course, but students are required to attend in order to be considered for the award, as presentations on the day form part of the judging process.
  • A certificate will be provided to the authors of all projects entered for the prize.
  • All entrants will receive one year’s free membership of Airso.
  • The winning entry will receive a £300 prize, with a further prize fund of at least £200 being distributed between the other short-listed entries.

An Entry Form for 2018 has been attached here:

Sean Morley Memorial Prize Entry Form 2018

Work Experience Bursary – Reflective Blog

The B-KEW bursary is a great opportunity for students to claim back money on out-of-pocket travel expenses or for uniform, whilst undertaking unpaid work experience (for the first three weeks or 120 hours of work) or for a training event. If you do any unpaid work over the summer or have made an application but have not yet claimed, you can still apply / claim now.

Below is the reflective blog from of a School of Arts student who did some work experience with Banyak Film.


Today I am going to tell you the story of how I got offered my dream job.

But first a little introduction. My story starts two and a half years ago when I first came to the University of Kent. I was keen and passionate fresher that couldn’t wait to start learning about film, but I was clueless when it came to how I was going to get it and who was going to give it to me. It is basically the endless dilemma of the chicken and the egg; you need experience to get a job, but you get a job if you have experience, which you can only get if you have a job… You understand the problem, don’t you?
But that still doesn’t explain the dream job thing does it? Well, this is how I did it. A few years ago I watched a film, I enjoyed the film and googled the production company, I promptly found them on FaceBook and liked their page. (The seed was planted.) After a year I contacted the company for an internship, I called them up on the number on their website and got the email of a producer. I emailed them and told them who I was and asked if I could intern there. I was rejected. Obviously this seemed like the end of the world at the time, but as the world has a habit of doing, it kept going. My already budding love for documentary pushed me to go to a Documentary Film Festival, the largest in the UK; looking over the program I came to a realisation, one of the films being shown was from the production company I had contacted so many months ago.

So what did I do? I emailed the producer, because rejection number one should never make you loose hope. I asked them how they were and said that I was also at the festival. They happily set up a meeting; and I realised that employers are human after all. We had a great chat and they invited me to contact them after the summer to arrange work experience. I made sure to do just that.

We set dates and I went off to London and had one of the best experiences of my life; learning the ropes, researching, pitching ideas, editing in mandarin and drinking strong coffee. I worked on two inspiring projects and got the contacts that will help me out after I graduate. In fact, one week after I got back to ‘the real world’, one of the directors contacted me to offer me a place to work on their next film; It is still in very early stages, but this is how I got offered my dream job.

Who got me the job? Well, I need to thank my family and friends for always encouraging me. I need to thank the Careers and Employability Services for giving me the confidence, improving my CV, and giving me professional and caring help and advice, I need to thank BKEW, because travelling in London is expensive, and knowing that my experience was important enough for them to fund made me work all the harder. And finally I am the one that got myself the job.You are always the harshest judge of yourself, if you put in the work and demonstrate your passion, you can do anything.

Print Future Awards 2018

Are you interested in working in printing, paper, packaging, publishing or graphic arts in the UK, or do you intend to study for a UK printing, paper, publishing or graphic arts qualification? Or are you an apprentice or studying for an NVQ in a UK print-related organisation?

If so, you could be eligible to apply for a Print Futures Award of up to £1,500.

Application deadline is 29th April 2018.

To apply and for more information:

Invitation to The Dream – A Musical about child soldiers, UN intervention and War

You are all invited to the opening show of the musical ‘The Dream’.

The musical will be produced in collaboration with the Iris Theatre at the Actors Church St Paul’s in Covent Garden 12 May 2018 at 7:30pm.

The Dream is a musical written to inspire and bring awareness about how it may feel to flee war. It follows the lives of a family in the war torn Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who are having to flee war to Norway with the help of two Swedish missionaries. The scenes also bring light to the sad reality of being a child soldier and the intervention of the United Nations in the country.

For tickets please visit:

For more information:

NHS Graduate Scheme

NHS Graduate Management Scheme

Looking for a graduate job? The NHS Graduate Scheme is now open! This 12 month management programme is designed to fast-track graduates into leadership roles in the ever-growing health and social care sector. By the end of the programme you’ll achieve a fully funded management qualification and a health and social care leadership qualification. Applications close on 9th April! To find out about the opportunities, click here:

If you are in your 1st or 2nd year student then register your interest here: to find out about the programmes available for you!