Casting call for play taking place in Margate

About ‘Parakeet’

A young girl is re-located from London to Margate. The only thing she recognises are the bright green Parakeets. The show follows her as she forms a band, finds her voice and takes her space, ultimately learning that “empathy is the new punk”. A feast for the eyes, ears and heart, Parakeet features punk poetry, wild dance moves and good old fashioned storytelling.

Casting Breakdown

A young female identifying performer, playing age 15-21, to record a piece of spoken word text. Ideally they would have a regional accent (basically, anything but RP!). It would be preferable if they could sing, but it is not essential. They need to be spirited and witty, with a good sense of musicality (but no need for classical training).

A female identifying string player, playing age 15-21, for 2 days work (1 rehearsal and 1 performance). Cello or violin. If the two above roles could be filled by one person and we could combine that would be great!

We are also looking for a professional female identifying drummer for 2 days work (1 rehearsal and 1 performance). Experience in using an SPDSX Sampler and playing to a click track would be preferable but not necessarily essential.

The performance will be on 17th March for POW festival in Margate.


To apply, please send a short, audio recording (2 mins max) to, in which you:

  • Introduce yourself (tell us a bit about yourself!)
  • Perform an excerpt from a spoken word piece, rap or song


  • Play a stringed instrument/drum.

The producers want to get a sense of you and your voice/playing style, so the recording can be totally rough and ready – a simple voice recording on your phone is absolutely fine.