Your course will already be helping you to develop a wide range of employability skills. But there are many extracurricular schemes available to help you to develop your skills further. To help you recognise and develop the employability skills you need for your chosen career we have gathered together information about what’s available.

The School’s Employability and Placements Officer is Will Wollen. You can contact him via W.Wollen@kent.ac.uk


Arts Employability Drop In Sessions

Thursdays (Weeks 4, 8 & 12)
11am-1pm in Jarman 2.25
or by appointment: W.Wollen@kent.ac.uk
Starting a career in the arts can pose challenges that are different from those presented by other industries. The School of Arts provides Employability Drop-in sessions that cater specifically for students in the arts. You can get feedback on your CV, careers guidance or advice on getting an internship. Find out about UKC employability schemes and clarify your thoughts on what to do next. No appointment necessary, just drop in.


Upcoming Employability Events

To keep up to date with upcoming Employability Events go to our website. Here you can also find news items on alumni who have gone on to do brilliant things in the Arts industry.


Employability Points

The Employability Points (EP) Scheme rewards students for their involvement in extra-curricular activities whilst studying at the University of Kent. Students can claim ‘Employability Points’ for each activity completed and towards the end of each academic year, students can redeem their points for the chance to apply for rewards. These rewards include paid internships, project placements, work experience, training, vouchers and much more, offered by businesses and organisations. For more info, visit the website.



KEW-NET is an online mentoring/networking tool for Kent students and graduates to meet, support one another and help each other get ahead.

From KEW-NET, you will be able to access a variety of mentors from a range of subjects and locations that could help you by:

  • Offering insight and advice
  • Talking about getting into certain industries and how to stand out
  • Reviewing your CV
  • Offering work shadowing or work experience opportunities

Find out more info on the careers website.



MyFolio is an ePortfolio system whose features can help you improve your learning, plan for the future and, eventually, gain employment. MyFolio can help you record and reflect upon your current academic, professional or personal practice, using Journals. You can also use MyFolio to create presentations, ‘Pages’, and share them with friends, colleagues, teachers or prospective employers. All the content you create in MyFolio can be re-used or exported for use in other ePortfolio systems.

Get started here.



Jobshop is a service run by Kent Union to help University of Kent students find part-time, temporary or seasonal work and recent graduates looking for temporary or contract work in Kent after graduation. Students and graduates can register with Jobshop to gain access to 100s of job opportunities including: Social Media positions, tutoring, IT positions, marketing assistants, translators, web developers, project managers, market researchers, bar staff, personal tutors, child carers, retail assistants and many more!!


Language Express

The Centre for English and World Languages offers nine 20 week Language Express courses beginning in October. They offer courses at a number of different levels; see website for further information. Languages offered include Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. They are open to anyone who wants to learn a new language.