LOCAL Negotiations Update – Important

Important Progress – LOCAL Negotiations are Continuing



  • This represents good progress. Negotiations are continuing between UCU and senior management over the issues members are concerned about. The UCU committee have suggested a four week pause to the LOCAL dispute and ballot processes to allow time to make further progress in negotiations.


  • We are pursuing commitments around fractionalisation for hourly paid lecturers, improvements to WAM and workload and the option to restart joint-honours programmes (among other issues).


  • The committee will keep you informed with further substantive updates about LOCAL issues soon. 


What you need to do now

  • Use the anonymous form in your email if you have information that could inform UCU negotiation over A&H


  • Attend our in-person Meeting:


“Why join UCU? Protecting your security, pay and conditions at Kent”

  • 16:15—17:30, Wednesday November 9th
  • Grimond Lecture Theatre 3 (GLT3)
  • No booking required


Join your local University & College Union branch for a glass of wine and a meet-and-greet immediately after the virtual induction session for new staff. In this informal wine reception we’ll be explaining the benefits of UCU membership, the protections you will receive immediately upon joining, and telling you about our successful recent campaigns to protect your job security and negotiate improvements in your pay and conditions. All are welcome and there is no need to book—feel free to pop in for fifteen minutes for a glass of wine to meet us and your new colleagues!”


Additional Opportunities


  • Get training to become a UCU caseworker

Thurs 3rd Nov 1-4pm. 

Once you have completed such a training, by convention you can represent members of the branch in casework. You will continue to be supported by existing caseworkers.

Zoom link in email.