Kent’s Results in the Four Fights & USS 2021 Ballot

Ballot Results

The Kent branch recently returned unprecedented levels of support for industrial action in response to the USS and Four Fights ballots. They are as follows:

  • 53.4% turnout and 79% yes vote for the USS ballot,
  • 53.4% turnout and 74.9% yes vote for the Four Fights ballot.

In addition, Kent UCU members have voted 99% in favour to proceed with a local industrial action ballot to defend jobs & workloads at the university. This ballot will be in the post soon and we will keep you up to date with its progress.


Strike Action

There have been two periods of industrial action declared by HEC:

  • Strike days Weds 1st – Fri 3rd December over USS pensions & the 4 Fights,
  • A continuous period of ASOS from 1st December to 3rd May 2022.

HEC said that there may be further strike action next term, should employers and USS not meet our reasonable demands.


Industrial Action and Pay

The University has announced its industrial action pay policy. Overall, it is an improvement on previous years for staff on precarious contracts. 

The policy includes:

  • No deductions for GTAs at all.
  • HPLs can still claim ‘for the associated preparation and marking’ even if they strike during scheduled teaching events. 
  • No deductions for the ASOS UCU have planned (such as working to contract)..
  • 1/365 pay deduction per strike day for substantive staff.  
  • For part-time substantive staff ‘pay deduction may be pro-rated based on the actual hours they were due to work on each strike day.’
  •  No detriment to full pension contributions for strike days or ASOS. 
  • More detailed information has been published by the University and can be found here.

More information about the strike from UCU will be circulated early next week, including emails and powerpoints to inform students.


Strike Hardship Funds

We are awaiting confirmation from UCU HQ about the available strike/ hardship funds. In addition, at a local level we will be using branch funds to supplement national funds. In the past this has been at the rate of around £50 per day.

Kent UCU has enough money to cover any financial hardship members might feel would get in the way of striking. Money will be no obstacle to you using your democratic right to fight for your pension, pay and working conditions.


Donate to the Kent UCU Hardship Fund

If you are able to do so & want to support your colleagues further, make a donation to the Kent UCU branch hardship fund:

Account name: UCU Kent LA26

Account number: 20391184

Sort code: 60-83-01

Unity Trust Bank

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