Please read BEFORE making LOCAL and NATIONAL strike fund claims

Dear colleagues,
Please read these messages (this one, and the one below) carefully before making either local or national strike fund claims.
We have had several claims recently that weren’t to the right fund.
Please note that autumn and spring strikes are all considered together – one action, one dispute, one ballot.
Please specify in emails to the local fund whether you took part in autumn and in spring, or just spring.
If you are claiming for days 19-22 to the local fund, please provide payslips to provide evidence of ALL the deductions, so we can see you have indeed been on strike for that many.
Please include all information in one email if at all possible – so much easier for our committee when working virtually to handle.
Please don’t assume we already have your bank details – they could have changed. To pay you we need name of account holder (your name on the account, not the name of the bank), account number and sort code.
Please specify if you have claimed before or not in 2019/2020.
Best wishes,
Owen, Des and Mark