Bulletin from the Canterbury picket (4*PEF)

Bulletin from the picket: we had a great day yesterday, we were a bit cold but were warmed up by the sun and a flash mob Zumba in front of the registry at 11am!!

It was a day dedicated to PS staff and we heard sad testimonies of people doing the work of 7 in a team of 3; of staff going through redevolpment, and re-assessment continously for the last 3 years; of half of SLAS staff on fixed term contract; lack of promotion opportunities; and obviously the impact of Ofs… it is time to unite to fight poor leadership from EG.

Today is a student day with usual picketing from 8-10.30am, rally at the registry at 11am and from 1-3 a teach-in on tuition fees in DLT1 aimed at students & staff and led by Kate. Please invite your students.

Tomorrow is the last day of the current strike, and what a day it will be:

11:00-13:00 UK higher education and general election 2019 (Woolf Lecture  Theatre + Templeman Lecture Theatre) KLS

CONFIRMED!!! Rosie Duffield will speak at this event about the future of Higher Education. Spread the word – Woolf LT, 11-12.

Along with our 4* performance in the PEF (Picketing Excellence Framework) this event will help maintain Kent UCU’s importance across the sector.

1-4pm: Student Rally: Darwin College

2-3pm: Precarity at Work: A KLS x Precarious@KentUni teach in Venue TBC