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Saturday 29th March 2014 – On the Fence Theatre: ‘He Said She Said’. 3pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

‘He Said, She Said’ tackles the awkward situation of collecting belongings from a partner after the relationship has ended. Lauren returns to the flat she used to share with Jack to collect the last of her possessions. Sifting through the items in the box resurfaces conflicting memories of their relationship, which allows both of them to see where they went wrong.

We only ever see the world from our own perspective, it’s not until be begin to look at the whole picture that we can understand ourselves better.

Saturday 29th March 2014 – Alittlebitspooky Theatre: Not Another Home Video Horror. 4pm, Lumley. (Book Online)

Something is terribly wrong in the house of the Ghoul family, chaos reigns as paranormal activity takes over the lives of an unfortunate couple, scaring them to their wits end. What exactly is happening in this house of horror and who will put an end to the toil and trouble? Paranormal Activity meets The Addams Family in this fun filled comedy horror.

Saturday 29th March 2014 – Shorts Theatre: Arthur Carter in… THE ZANZIBAR ESCAPADE!. 5pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

Join Arthur Carter in his great escapade around the world! Count Pea-Tits Flouse of the Evil Organization is out to steal the Lost Diadem of Zanzibar, with his sidekick Petis Filous in tow. Travelling by rail, plane, balloon and ship Arthur must race against the clock to find the treasure and save the world!

Saturday 29th March 2014 – Isotope Theatre: The Academy. 6pm, Lumley. (Book Online)

With the three most wanted “uglies” finally brought to justice, Madame Société has enrolled them into her elite academy so they can join the ranks of the beautiful, and then be reintroduced into her civil civilisation. If they try to resist, then their willingness to survive may not even be enough to save them from Madame; even in death, there comes beauty.

Saturday 29th March 2014 – Bandits of Beijing: small Talk BIG Thoughts. 7pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

This dark comedy tells the story of two completely opposite couples at an incredibly uncomfortable dinner party. The piece looks beyond the small talk at the big things we think but dare not say. Contains witty humour, mental rampages and the occasional dash of sincerity. Be prepared!

Written and performed by Eleanor Hicks, Issy Rawbone, Emily Ingram and Sammy Paul.

Saturday 29th March 2014 – The Brewing Company: Flesh! Lights! Camera! Action!. 8pm, Lumley. (Book Online)

Flesh! Lights! Camera! Action! is the UK’s first and only pornographic chart-show. It polarised the country on its first broadcast, but 10 years later with a live TV special imminent it’s in no danger of ending its very successful run.

You are invited to follow the star of the show, the unhinged presenter, the high-flying producer and the obsessed viewer into a world of sex, skewed morals and maybe even love.