Physical Performance

Act – Attack – Applause

Two evenings of physical theatre offered by the students of the Masters Program in Physical Actor Training and Performance (PATAP).  Act – Attack – Applause presents capstone projects developed by the students of the Masters Programme in Physical Actor Training and Performance (PATAP) within the framework of the module Ensemble Devising and Performance. Creating under an eclectic collaborative ethos, the students of the PATAP programme have produced four diverse and highly inventive physical theatre works, which they offer in two double-bill programmes.

Monday 24th March – Act — Attack — Applause 1. 7pm, Jarman 1. (Book Online)

7pm – Three present  三角形

What would you say if you could communicate with your future?

What would you say if you could speak to your past?

Through a power Sānjiǎoxíng; Three explore the 生活 of our past, present and future.

Mapping one body through movement, dance and song; Three discover the united forced behind their existence.

8.15pm: Lost present Traces of Loss

Everyone has lost something, your keys, your wallet, your temper. You are lost without a thought, losing track of time or hopelessly lost in a moment.

Traces of Loss encapsulates the varying ways loss touches our lives, communities and psyche. Five bodies trace the voids that loss can leave behind.


Tuesday 25th March – Act — Attack — Applause 2. 7pm. Jarman 1. (Book Online)

7pm – Caught in the Act present Steal the Show

Four wacky robbers break into the home of an eccentric millionaire all seeking the same valuable item. Who will walk away with the treasure and who will be caught in the act?

8.15pm – Blabbermouth present Frame-o-phobia.

Welcome to the life of an artist – Unpredictable, mysterious, tortured … and often downright stressful. Care to take a trip inside his head? …

Blabbermouth go through the frame, to unveil a realm where anything is inspiration and inspiration is art. Physical theatre, meets comedy, meets tragedy meets the bizarre.