Directors Shows

Wednesday 2nd April – Percussion. 6pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

In a small school, tensions are rising. With cuts and job losses looming, Jamie struggles to keep her OCD under control while Henry continues to insist on breaking the curriculum rules, throwing his job in jeopardy. Who will be able to maintain their career, their friendships, and their creativity?

Wednesday 2nd April – The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. 8pm, Jarman 1. (Book Online)

In Brecht’s classic parable of Hitler’s rise to power, poverty-stricken Chicago is on her knees. Amidst the jazz, corruption and tommy-guns one gangster is set not take full advantage. Arturo Ui, backed by his mob, aims first to conquer Chicago then the world.

Thursday 3rd April – Courageous Restraint. 7pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

Thursday 3rd April – Fall of the House of Usher. 8pm, Lumley. (Book Online)

Friday 4th April – Bouncers. 6pm, Aphra. (Book Online)

It’s Friday night, it’s clubbing night! Four no-nonsense Bouncers portraying over twenty different characters invite us for a night out in Canterbury. Along the way we meet giggly girls, boozin’ lads and a smooth-talking DJ. See how our frontline heroes deal with the typical antics of the local clubbers.

Friday 4th April – Mancub. 8pm, Jarman 1. (Book Online)

A beautifully absurd story of a boy facing the struggles of growing up. Also, reality seems to be shifting; people around him beginning to display traits of animals. Stranger still are the changes he sees in himself. Does Paul really turn into animals, or does he only think he does?

Saturday 5th April – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 6pm, Lumley. (Book Online)

Welcome to The Forest Nightclub, a utopia in which to escape from the expectations and prejudices of society, to be yourself for one night and have some fun. Explore the world but take care, everything may not be quite as it seems…

Saturday 5th April – Cowboy Mouth. 8.30pm, Lumley. (Book Online)