Contemporary Performance

Monday 17th March – FaceLift: What’s in the Punch? 6.30pm, Lumley Studio. (Book Online)

A puppet show with a handful of puppets. Especially the main character, Punch. He is a bit of a handful. Set in a residential home, with only a Nurse to talk to, 352 year old Mr. Punch has been left to reflect on his infamous career. However, the show takes a darker turn when a few old friends arrive on his door-step unannounced.

Monday 17th March – Snap Hazard: Like You Mean It. 7.45pm, Lumley Studio. (Book Online)

How are you?


We’re good too, we think.

On a makeshift playground tied up with rules and regulations, five wigged performers speculate on what makes us happy. Watch as their personalities collide in their bid to find happiness with the performance, themselves and each other.​

Monday 17th March – Samantha Curtis: Writer’s Block. 9pm, Lumley Studio. (Book Online)

Tuesday 18th March – Meike Deveney: Handle With Care. 4-6pm (Durational), Eliot Lecture Theatre 1. (No advanced booking required, come at any time) 

Using her experiences, Meike uses her own ritual of packing, dismantling her surroundings and her memories, to reflect on moments of the past that have had an effect on her. Through saying everything, and then nothing at all, she is getting ready to leave again.

Tuesday 18th March – Man Corner: Greetings to the New Brunette. 7pm, Lumley Studio. (Book Online)

‘Love is blind… Also, I’m not really listening to you.’ Two 20th century guys explore the oldest emotional enigma on earth. In Greetings to the New Brunette, Man Corner delve through fact, fantasy, and folk song, attempting to connect with something so basely human, but, for them, elusive.

Tuesday 18th March – Matchsticks: Paradox. 8.15pm, Lumley Studio. (Book Online)

Matchsticks is a collaboration of Michelle Dunlop and Emily Stevens who are presenting, Paradox. Through a non-performative style we endeavor to discover the concept of opposites. This formal, autobiographical style explores – What are opposites? How are we opposites to one another? What is the opposite to opposite?