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Tim Meacham and Adam Chodzko have got the ‘Moves’

Celebrating the Extraordinary World of Mobile Art Vehicles – ‘Art Moves’ at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Tim and Adam displayed their vehicles.

Ghost - Adam Chodzho The Drawing Carriage Tim Meacham

Art Moves is a celebration of the extraordinary world of mobile art vehicles at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Bringing together twenty-five of the most ingenious and inventive art vehicles, Art Moves offers a unique showcase of mobile architecture and art as part of London’s Open House weekend and the Park’s arts and culture programme. This collection of vehicles which was selected by invitation and open call, is a visual experience that also prompts further thought into some of society’s most pressing issues such as sustainability, new modes of architecture and transport, and how we interact with one another.

Fine Art lecturers Tim Meacham and Adam Chodzko both exhibited their works during the event.

Tim Meaham:The Drawing Carriageby Tim Meacham is a pedal powered vehicle designed to allow the passenger to engage in a “powered stroll”, exploring and enjoying outdoor spaces at a leisurely pace. The Carriage is mounted on a tricycle chassis and steered and powered from the back, allowing the passenger an uninterrupted view and giving the “front seat top deck of bus” experience, with a live ‘soundscape experience’. The passenger is encouraged to document their journey using a drawing apparatus mounted on the bench. The apparatus is connected to an arm that traces the terrain over which the carriage moves, transferring the undulations and texture of the ground to the surface of the drawing. The journey becomes part of the drawing, which the passenger is invited to keep as a memento.
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Adam Chodzko:
‘Ghost’ by Adam Chodzko
is a custom-built wooden two-man kayak inspired by the artist’s work around Deadman’s Island, so named after being used as a burial site for the bodies of convicts who were imprisoned within the hulks, moored in nearby Swale throughout 19th Century. ‘Ghost’ is a vehicle for visiting the dead – the passenger is positioned low and flat within the vessel – as though being lain to rest in a coffin and paddled to their final destination. A camera records each trip from the bow, creating a unique film archive. For ‘Art Moves’ the artist will undertake a series of new journeys within the Olympic Park, visiting sites along the waterways that allude to past uses and histories.

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