The School of Music and Fine Art joins Academic Supporters Programme of BASCA


The School of Music and Fine Art has joined the Academic Supporters Programme of BASCA, the British Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. BASCA is the independent professional association representing music writers in all genres, from songwriting to media, contemporary classical to jazz and runs the world renowned Ivor Novello Awards.

Benefits include:

  • An established writer/music industry professional will come to present to SMFA
  • Invitations to an Introducing BASCA seminar followed by a networking session that will also be attended BASCA members
  • 10 lucky students will have their music critiqued by an industry professional.
  • Monthly BASCA e-newsletter with music industry and BASCA updates.
  • Invitations to BASCA seminars, workshops and socials (subject to availability)
  • Regular offers of discounted rates for equipment and sheet music, digital distribution, music conferences, other trade body events, recording and rehearsal studios, industry publications and insurance.
  • The Member’s Area on the BASCA website has industry news and updates, sample contracts and agreements, commission fee guidelines, digital marketing and self promotion tip sheets, and copyright, intellectual property and publishing information.

BASCA will be including SMFA in all their issues of The Works magazine and on their website and from time to time, BASCA are also able to offer work placements at the BASCA offices.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for all our students as it gives us direct access to industry events and some very important links with BASCA activities and their members. We look forward to our relationship with BASCA over the next year and the opportunities on offer”, says Richard Lightman, Lecturer in Music at SMFA.