Exhibition from BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate Sophie Dixon at Turner Contemporary

‘Time Pressure Decay’ by Sophie Dixon, 2015.

Inspired by a recent residency in the former mining town of Lens, Northern France, Time Pressure Decay /La Mort de L’Arbre, an exhibition by 2014 BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate Sophie Dixon, will be at Turner Contemporary & Crate Project Space, Bilton Square in High Street, Margate on August 15th and16th and also at [Dis]place, Hart’s Lane, London from August 22nd-23rd. Exploring memories of the coal mining industry and the physical traces left upon the landscape, Sophie Dixon works across video, writing and sound, drawing connections between seemingly disparate fragments of experience to examine the unifying power of memory. Resonating with the story of the Kent coalfield, this two day exhibition takes place between the Turner Contemporary and Crate Project Space in Margate.
La Mort de L’Arbre  (running time 15 minutes) will be screened over the weekend at the Turner Contemporary,  accompanied by Time Pressure Decay, an exhibition of photography, text and research on display at the Crate Project Space.

Sophie Dixon’s work is rooted in extensive historical, social and cultural research. Concerned with the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction, she deconstructs and expands narratives to explore the tenuous relationship between ourselves and the environments in which we live. Using personal research and writing as a narrative backbone, her work is less interested in portraying a historic truth than in exploring the connections between events across time – an attempt to open up the spaces between the experience of an event, and our later interpretations of it. In 2014 she was awarded the CVAN Platform graduate award and has recently undertaken residencies with Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme in Northern France and the UK based artists group Blast Theory.

For more information visit www.dis-place.com and for more info on Sophie go to: www.sophie-dixon.com



To read Sophie’s blog about life after winning the 2014 Platform Award go to: http://www.turnercontemporary.org/blog/learning/life-after-winning-the-platform-award-2014/ and for more info on the 2014 award go to:  http://www.cvan.org.uk/news/2014/11/10/sophie-dixon-wins-2014-platform-graduate-award