‘Meditation Mix’ joint winner of the 2015 Barbara Morris Prize for Learning Support

The Barbara Morris Prize 2015 has been awarded to the Meditation Mix, a project initiated by the School of Music and Fine Art in collaboration with the university’s Wellbeing Team and Student Learning Advice Service (SLAS) resulting in the production of an innovative meditation CD.

The project aims to provide practical strategies for students to help them manage stress and anxiety which are increasing issues in higher education. The selection panel said, “This was felt to be an original and innovative initiative which brought together staff and student skills, and provided a showcase for cross-disciplinary talent, as well as a useful form of student support. The involvement of different professional groups and a number of Schools was commended.”

Thanking everyone who worked on the project, Louise Frith, Student Support Officer for SMFA said, “The project is still ongoing; two apps are currently being developed by two MA computing students using the recordings, and a PhD research project looking at what is happening in the brain when students meditate will begin soon.”

The team will receive an award of £2,000 in recognition of their work, and certificates will be presented to all winners by the Vice Chancellor at a lunchtime ceremony on Wednesday 7th October. More info on the project can be found: https://www.kent.ac.uk/smfa/news.html?view=1265