This week we welcome ‘Visiting Artist’ David Burrows

DAVID BURROWS is an artist and writer. His multi media work addresses the production of fiction as a transformative process as well as notions of impermanence and immanence.


26th March, 2015

The Galvanising Shop
Free, everyone welcome!

DAVID BURROWS artists#2E094

He explores themes of violence, destruction, crisis and disorientation as structural elements in sacred, mass media and avant-garde cultures.

Burrows has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions. He writes articles on art and aesthetics and is the editor of Article Press at Birmingham City University.

He is a lecturer in Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, where his research interests include the depictions of events and aftermaths, utopian narratives and indexical art practices. Between 1993 and 1995 he was a member of the art collective BANK .

Burrows will talk about the performances of Plastique Fantastique, a collaboration with Simon O’Sullivan and others.
“We think of Plastique Fantastique as a performance fiction and as avatars from the past and future”.

As background reading for David Burrows talk please look at Ray Brassier’s text Genre is Obsolete concerning noise and the idea of nemocentric subject.