Five of our students, who are destined to do exceptional things and are a real credit to the School of Music and Fine Art have been awarded the £5000 students project grant scheme by the University of Kent for their project “Wetlands”!!!!

The project is based in the Hoo peninsular and works with the community of Watermen.  It’s got a real ethnographic feel to it.

Wetlands is a project initiated by a group of five artists graduating this year from the University of Kent, Medway, with a BA in Fine Art:

  • Nadia Perrotta
  • Ben Crawford
  • Angela Ioannidou
  • Georgina Wilcox
  • Clarinda Tse

Medway and in particular, the Hoo peninsula, has always held a connection with water. Humans are beholden to the sea, perhaps as much as the land, and even though this relationship maybe more fractured now, people in this area still share a symbiotic bond. It is lived on, used for sustenance, always present. Through a series of participatory events and happenings Wetlands will interact with the local community, creating a connection between them, their maritime history and wetland landscape.

The time run of the project will be from February to June. In June we will run a series of events and activities leading to the closing main event: a site specific and interactive walking art tour in Hoo peninsula, where we would like to involve also other students from the School of Music and Fine Art.

Wetlands plan to create a series of 10 art events for 5 days in June 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University and its creative talents of the present, to inspire the future generations of the local community in Medway, with a particular focus on the areas in need of regeneration such as Hoo peninsula.