‘Acousmatic Transcendence: A Feast of Diffusion’


‘Acousmatic Transcendence: A Feast of Diffusion’

Sound-Image-Space Research Centre, University of Kent, UK

Call for fixed media electroacoustic compositions


The MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre) will meet the Acousmonium from The Acousmatic Project / Vienna, for a feast of diffusion with more than 50 loudspeakers in the Mezzanine of Slip 3 at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Kent, UK

  •  Deadline for Submissions: 12 March 2015
  • Notification of acceptance:  13 April 2015
  • Dates of concerts: 14, 15 and 16 May 2015
  • Registration fee: None

Special guest: Jonty Harrison (will diffuse his own works and compositions by Denis Smalley)


We invite submissions of Fixed Media Electroacoustic works on any theme

++ Submission Format:

Submissions will be anonymous. No filename should include your name.

Preference will be given to those who will attend their concert to diffuse their compositions.

Create a zip file that contains the three following:

  1. A folder with your piece
  2. Programme notes
  3. Biography with an indication of attendance

Please email us download links to your zip file, using Dropbox or similar

Please email:  acousmatic.transcendence@gmail.com


  1. A folder with your piece:
  2. a) For stereo acousmatic works, please include your piece in wav format, 44.1 kHz, 24 bit (higher resolution files can be submitted after selection)
  3. b) For multichannel works please send a stereo reduction (format as above) and the audio files for the individual channels; name your files accordingly; FL=Front-Left, (C=Centre if used) FR=Front-Right, FSL=Front-Side-Left, FSR=Front-Side-Right, RSL=Rear-Side-Left, RSR=Rear-Side-Right, RL=Rear-Left, RR=Rear-Right. Works up to 8 channels are accepted.

2.  Programme notes (200 words max)

  1. Your biography (150 words max). This is the only file that will include your name in the text, and will be used to link works to composers after selection by the panel. At the end of your bibliography, PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER YOU WILL ATTEND YOUR CONCERT, IF SELECTED

Composers may submit one piece only. Preference will be given to works of durations less than 12 min, although longer works will be considered

Aki Pasoulas: Director of MAAST (Music & Audio Arts Sound Theatre)

Thomas Gorbach: Director of The Acousmatic Project Vienna