Globus Hystericus takes Electroacoustic Music and Video Art to Athens

Tim Howle and Nick Cope will be performing Globus Hystericus during the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Greece this September.

Director of Recruitment, Admissions and Internationalisation at the School of Music and Fine Art, Tim Howle, and Nick Cope  of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University are attending the special event in Athens, Greece from 14-20 September 2014.

Globus Hystericus combines Electroacoustic Music and Video Art and is a piece of audio-visual work that utilises the two media in an equitable way. The principles of acousmatic music are extended to incorporate parallel ideas found in video art.

By taking these ideas beyond simple underpinning or reinforcement, the sounds are imbued with multiple meanings. The piece exploits post-acousmatic possibilities and examines the creative relationships between visual and audio material in terms of hybridisation by establishing an equitable, collaborative, approach typified by Chion’s ‘audio-visual contract’

Further details of the conference are available on the ICMC website.