Students offered Forest Studio residency

Stour Valley Arts offers two students residencies at their new ‘Forest Studio’ facility.


We are delighted to announce that two 2nd Year Fine Art students, Nadeen Abulla and Maegan Newbury who are taking the ‘Place and Site’ module have been offered residencies to work in the Stour Valley Art’s new Forest Studio facility in King’s Wood near Canterbury, Kent.

The University of Kent partners with Stour Valley Arts (SVA), who work in collaboration with artists, arts organisations, scientists and health professionals, environmental organisations and other stakeholders to create high quality, community based art that engages with the public in the natural environment.

Opened in February 2014, SVA created their ‘Forest Studio’ facility on the edge of King’s Wood for artists to use for short residencies.

Kings Wood is 1,500 acre forest, managed by Forest Enterprise for conservation, recreation and timber production in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Since 1994, Stour Valley Arts (SVA) has commissioned artists to make sculptures within the forest and also other kinds or artwork. Artists who are particularly responsive to the nature of this working forest are invited to spend long periods there.

“Forest Studio is for artists working in any art form and is interested in process rather than production.
It is with great pleasure that SVA can offer Forest Studio to 1 or 2 students upon completion of the ‘Place and Site’ module. The selection of artists for this opportunity is led by vitality of thinking with regards site-related practice and a feeling for how beneficial the residency will be to that artist’s future development”
said SVA Curator Dan Howard-Birt

Students studying on the Fine Art programme, whom, having completed the module ‘Place and Site’ are assessed for the award based on the strength of their work throughout the module. However, all students at the School can apply to take part in the residency.

Dan Howard-Birt reveals the module’s relevancy to their programme “Stour Valley Arts sees ‘Place and Site’ as an important learning framework which explores and tests the possibilities for art and art- oriented leaning beyond the gallery or museum. For 20 years King’s Wood, Challock has provided resource and inspiration for artists to undertake research-oriented residencies, to manifest sculpture and to host dance, performance and film events”

There is no charge to take this residency, and it provides a fantastic additional learning experience for students with an interest in this genre. We look forward to seeing what fabulous work is created in this stunning environment by Nadeen and Maegan.