Exciting and Innovative opportunity for students and staff at Hack The Barbican

A sensational new collaborative project called Hack the Barbican will be taking place at The Barbican Centre, London which includes a project run by Music Lecturers Kate and Duncan.

School of Music and Fine Art Lecturers Kate Halsall and Duncan MacLeod are running a project alongside some of the School’s students called Galvanize, as part of the Hack the Barbican Festival, held at the Barbican Centre, London between August 19 -23.

This exciting opportunity is London’s biggest ever experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration and will take part over 4 weeks at the world-renowned Barbican Centre in London during August.  Set to explore new boundaries where nothing is off-limits bringing together around 200 artists, technologies and entrepreneurs in around 100 different projects. School of Music and Fine Arts project will take place for one week during August.

“For our contribution during Hack the Barbican, we are creating a series of small performances, installations and showcases for our project, incorporating lots of existing School of Music and Fine Art student work, reflecting the Historic Dockyard and we will be transporting these sounds and images to the centre of the City” says Kate Halsall, Music lecturer at the School. “We have student participants from the School of Music and Fine Art who are contributing to the collaboration into a thrilling showcase as a ‘performance’ of sounds and objects”

 Students are encouraged to flex their collaborative creativity where there are no boundaries and all mediums, including a cross-disciplinary projects are considered, including painting, sculpture, film, video, photography, installation or music and sound and this may involve running projections, recitals, short films or audio or even involve spontaneous developing hacks with other Hackers over the week.

There is still chance for students to take part and get involved, so please contact Kate Halsall by Friday 5th August on k.v.halsall@kent.ac.uk

Further information on the festival can be found online at – http://hackthebarbican.orghtb_logo_orange_200px1