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(De)Parsing Bodies

Volume V, Issue 1, Autumn 2012

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Chiara Teneggi (University of Bologna)
Enacting Interpersonal Space: the Role of the Body in Social Cognition
Download: Article / Abstract

Kat Peddie
Tam Lin Transformed
Download: Poem

Noyale Colin and Rebecca Woodford-Smith (Middlesex University)
Bodies in Motion: Working through Plurality
Download: Article / Abstract

Katie Lewis
Tangled Pathways 
Download: Art

Elizabeth Matelski (Loyola University of Chicago)
‘Build Ups’ and ‘Slim Downs’: Re-shaping America, 1945–1970
Download: Article / Abstract

Ashley Denise
Passing Thoughts: A Photographic Essay on the Body as Form
Download: Art

Claire Hampton (University of Wolverhampton)
Dance Theatre: An Anti -Discursive Illustration of an Embodied Existence
Download: Article / Abstract

Harriet L. Clements
Back from Beyond: 21–22 July, 1972
Download: Poem

Eva De Clercq (University of Pisa)
Towards an Ontology of Corporeal Uniqueness
Download: Article / Abstract

Dara Blumenthal, Guest Editor (University of Kent)
The Swarm: A Provocation for Opening
Download: Afterword

COVER IMAGE: MURMURATION OF STARLINGS © Joe Wright, all rights reserved

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