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Skepsi‘s tenth annual conference (26 May 2017): Time to Remember. Anniversaries, Celebration and Commemoration Call for Papers

Skepsi‘s ninth annual conference (27 May 2016): Borders. Call for Papers

Skepsi‘s eighth annual conference (29-30 May 2015): Disgust. CALL FOR PAPERS

Skepsi‘s seventh annual conference (2014): The Secret in Contemporary Theory, Society, and Culture. CALL FOR PAPERS

Skepsi‘s sixth annual conference (2013): Ghosts in the Flesh. CALL FOR PAPERS

Skepsi‘s fifth annual conference (2012): Don’t Panic. The Apocalypse in Theory and Culture. CALL FOR PAPERS

Skepsi‘s fourth annual conference (2011): Log In. Making Sens of Social Network. CALL FOR PAPERS

Hosted Call: Cradled in Caricature, multidisciplinary event CALL FOR PAPERS

Hosted Call: Cradled in Caricature. Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Symposium. CALL FOR PAPERS

Hosted Call: The Evolution of Research: Adapting to Survive in a Changing World? Christ Church Graduate Conference. CALL FOR PAPERS


Skepsi — forthcoming issue. due for publication during 2019. Wandering and Home . Call for Articles

Skepsi — forthcoming issue, due for publication in early 2018, Time to Remember: Anniversaries, Commemoration and Celebration. Call for Articles

Skepsi – forthcoming issue, due for publication in summer 2017: Borders. Call for Articles

Skepsi Volume 8 Autumn 2017: Disgust Call for Articles

Skepsi  Volume VII Summer 2016: The Secret in Contemporary Theory, Society, and Culture. CALL FOR ARTICLES

Skepsi Volume VI Winter 2014–2015: Don’t Panic. The Apocalypse in Theory and Culture (Call for Articles) and Ghosts in the Flesh (Call for Articles)

Skepsi Volume V, Issue 2 (Autumn 2013): Cradled in Caricature. CALL FOR ARTICLES

Skepsi Volume V, Issue 1 (Winter 2012): (De)Parsing Bodies. CALL FOR ARTICLES

Skepsi Volume IV, Issue 2 (Winter 2011)  Postgraduate Essay Competition. CALL FOR ARTICLES

Skepsi Volume IV, Issue 1 (Summer 2011): Feminisms. The Evolution. CALL FOR ARTICLES





Please note: all articles and papers must be submitted and/or presented in English, however, non-English quotations may be included, as appropriate, along with an English translation.


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