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Cradled in Caricature: CALL FOR PAPERS

Caricature permeates society. The consequence of this process can be seen in satirical cartoons appearing in newspapers, the perception of early colonialists towards non-European cultures, and the design of characters in Hollywood blockbusters.

The Cradled in Caricature symposium welcomes contributions directed towards these problems from postgraduates at the University of Kent working in all disciplines. Proposed contributions may take the form of papers, workshops, roundtable discussions, readings, posters, films or performance pieces.

The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2011. Any queries or questions should be directed to Dr James Baker (see below). We are delighted to announce that a small number of successful and original contributions will be considered for adaptation and publication in Skepsi, the University of Kent’s Interdisciplinary Online Journal of European Thought and Theory in Humanities and Social Sciences.


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