This guide identifies the most useful resources for Psychology and keeps you up to date with library skills and news for your subject area.

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Alternative media

Many traditional sources such as books and journal articles can quite often present predominantly Eurocentric and Global North perspectives, consulting alternative media sources that offer marginalised and new voices more of a platform can help to balance out the biases.

We have access to a range of multimedia resources that can provide different perspectives on topics.

Explore our list of curated alternative publishers and resources

Look at some of our diverse digital collections for example:
Black Thought and Culture
LGBT Magazine Archive
Defining Gender Archive
Archives of Sexuality and Gender

We also have a number of reading lists celebrating liberation months such as Black History, Disability History and LGBTQ+ History

Don’t forgot that alternative sources such as TED talks, YouTube and social media sites like Twitter can also offer other perspectives.

Suggest a Resource

We are keen to encourage you to suggest additional resources that may bring additional value to the resources contained in this resource subject guide. If you feel that there is something missing (e.g. resourcevoices or perspective), then fill out this form and we will try our best to include your suggestions.