Working remotely? Use the right method to access Kent tools, systems and software

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The University’s current Remote Desktop Gateway Service, which enables remote access to on-campus computers will be replaced later this year (July 2024). It will be replaced by a new Specialist Remote Access service for staff and students who require it for their work.  

As we continue to review and test replacement options, we’d like to help staff, where appropriate, to transition to supported methods for secure remote access to corporate systems, administrative tools and IT services.

See our Work from home guide for staff who need remote access to services and systems for guidance and support; and check your remote access requirements to make sure you’re using our recommended access routes:

Corporate systems and software on ‘Work resources’

For remote access to corporate systems such as CMIS (Timetabling); UBW (Finance); Digital Certificates (HR). DIT Client, SITS Client and lots more – see full listing in our Work from home guide.

Recommended access route: login to Work Resources: you’ll see work-related tools / systems for which you already have access permissions – if there’s anything missing, please contact us.

Admin tools on campus servers

Kent provides secure remote access to administrative tools via jump servers such as Cheddar, IT Reps and Crowdie.

Recommended access route: If you need remote access to administrative tools not available via Work Resources, please contact us.

Files and folders on your PC

Recommended access route: to securely access network folders and files on your campus PC remotely, you’ll need to connect to the Kent VPN (virtual private network) and add a network location / map a drive­­ to the folder(s).

You can save and access files on OneDrive, which is easy to access from anywhere on any device with just a web browser.

Data / software stored on your PC

Recommended access route: if you need access to specialised software or data available only on your work computer, please contact us.

You can use Software finder to download / access software, or find recommended third-party apps.

Other access requirements

If you have specific access requirements not listed above or in our Work from home guide for staff, please contact us.

New Specialist Remote Access service

Our new Specialist Remote Access service, which will replace the current Remote Desktop Gateway Service, will specifically support staff and researchers working on big data analysis projects and requiring high performance computing for computationally intensive research.

We are still reviewing and testing replacement options and will share further information as this work progresses.

You’ll be able to request access to the replacement system, which will be granted based on business need.

Help and support

If you have any questions regarding the Remote Desktop Gateway Service, issues accessing the VPN or any other connectivity issues, please contact IT and Library Support.

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