Dr Rueyleng Loo spends four months in China!

The award from Chinese Academic of Science President’s International Fellowship Initiative has enabled Dr. Loo to spend four months in China this summer. She was based in the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics at Prof. Yulan Wang’s department. During this period, she conducted experiments, analysed data, drafted manuscripts, presented research work at conferences, met potential collaborators and learnt more about the Chinese culture.

Dr. Loo preparing some samples for analysis
Dr Loo with Prof. Yulan Wang outside the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Acadmic of Science
Dr. Loo learnt how to make dumplings from her colleagues


Nana fights against cancer!

Nana is taking part in a charity boxing match on the 17th November to raise money for Cancer Research UK in aid of his friends mum, Stacey.

If you would like to support him you can buy tickets here. If you can’t make it, but would like to contribute to the cause, you can make a donation to his just giving page here.

We wish Nana the best of luck. Bring that belt home!

Research visit to the Department of Physiological Sciences at University of Florida

Dr Stella Koutsikou spent some of the summer break on a collaborative project with Dr Jasenka Zubcevic, in the Department of Physiological Sciences at  University of Florida.

The aim of Dr Koutsikou’s visit was to complete experimental work, analyse data, discuss findings and draft her first collaborative original research paper, on the way by which bone marrow inflammation contributes to the development of hypertension. Unexpectedly, this research visit provided Dr Koutsikou with the right opportunity to discuss some other interesting observations and carry out pilot experiments. ‘Those implicated the CNS into the pathway from bone marrow inflammation to hypertension’.

In addition to working with Dr Jasenka Zubcevic,  Dr Koutsikou spent time with other research group leaders where they discussed and brainstormed other scientific developments in the department.

Entrance to the UF Health building

Dr Koutsikou’s collaboration with Dr Jasenka Zubcevic, has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Physiological Society and the Medway School of Pharmacy staff research & the development funding scheme.







Louise Dawson is one day closer to her Triathlon!

 On Sunday 23rd September Louise will be doing an Olympic distance triathlon at Hever Castle. At first it was just for fun, but she later decided to fundraise for a charity close to her heart –Kent Autistic Trust Family Support. The Kent Autistic trust. The Kent Autistic Trust Family Support service works tirelessly to support families of children with autistic spectrum conditions and to directly help and support adults on the autistic spectrum. KAT Family Support really need your help to continue; their funding from The Big Lottery ran out this September.

There is more information about them here and you can donate to Louise’s fundraising page by clicking here.

We support Louise and wish her the best of Luck in her Triathlon. Whether she comes in first or last place, Louise is a star in our eyes.


French students complete internships at Medway School of Pharmacy

Between the end of May and the end of July, Lise Desquien & Orane Dollet (École Nationale Supériere de Chemie de Lille, France), completed successful internships working under the supervision of Dr Andy Hall.  These internships (“stage”) are an integral part of the Chemistry programme in Lille.

Lise worked on the synthesis of polymerisable molecules that could also recognise other molecules and provide a signal when recognition occurs. Orane’s projects centred on prepared matrix-forming monomers from bio-derived molecules, with the aim of creating “green” polymers.  The successes achieved during their short research visit will enable Andy to collaborate with research groups in Finland and Spain.  

Their visit builds on the relationship between MSoP and ENSCL, following previous successful internships in 2014 (Ambre Pignon & Jeanne Silvestre) and 2015 (Violette Le Guennec).

P.S. Their visit coincided with the France team’s victory in the FIFA2018 World Cup.  Here are Lise and Orane photographed with the School’s sweepstake winner, Dr Alison Edwards!

Update from Dr Nathalie Lavignac our Erasmus co-ordinator.

The Medway School of Pharmacy has benefited enormously from the European Erasmus initiatives. To date the following Erasmus bilateral agreements have been signed for the Medway School of Pharmacy:

  • University of Lille (France) from 2007 to 2017
  • University of Padova (Italy) since 2010 renewed for next two years.
  • University of Cergy (France) since 2017 for the next two years.

Since 2007, 10 of our MPharm graduates have had the opportunity to carry out their final year research project abroad. We’ve had 6 visiting students who studied for one academic year on the MPharm programme and 5 visiting students who carried out their final year research project with us.

Staff from the School were directly involved (supervision of visiting students) or indirectly (marking of MPharm thesis).

This year we also have 1 visiting student under an Erasmus training ship exchanged (University of Pavia).

Dr Nathalie Lavignac can be contacted by email N.Lavignac@kent.ac.uk


MSoP chemist Andrew Hall takes European Science seriously!

Dr Andrew Hall is Founder/Co-organiser of an International Symposium series for Graduate Students involved in Molecular Imprinting research (hosted at MSP in 2015, last incarnation in 2017 was held in Porto, Portugal).

He has held a Visiting Professorship (Toulon, France).

He belongs to a 10-partner EU consortium applying for funding for research into integrated sensors to monitor food freshness (Sens4Food). The project coordinator in Madrid, Spain.

He is a Member of PhD committees at the Compiègne University of Technology and the University of Orléans (both France).

Giorgia Giovannini (former PhD student) spent research training periods at the University of Jena, Germany.

Dr Gubala and Dr Edwards work with the INTEREG network with the University of Rouen


Vladimir Gubala and Alison Edwards were involved in an INTEREG network with the University of Rouen (France) and a number of other universities and companies both in France and in the South East of England.  The network ran from 2012-2015 and led to a continued academic collaboration with Helene Castel (Rouen).  The school has a PhD studentship which work on this collaborative project (Voula Kasapidou, started October 2015). The student is working on responsive gel-like material to trap invasive glioma cells, which is a continuation of activities from the INTERREG project. During the INTEREG we had a postdoc researcher (Dr Matthew Freddi) who undertook several visits to Rouen to develop new skills and transfer knowledge between research groups regarding handling and use of the novel materials prepared.

Physiology Research at the University of Florida with Dr Stella Koutsikou

Since joining Medway School Of Pharmacy in June 2017, Dr Stella Koutsikou collaborated  with researchers in the Department of Physiological Sciences* at the University of Florida. She visited the university twice, in August and December 2017 to carry out pilot experiments. Back in August Dr Koutsikou and her collaborators in Florida submitted an NIH grant application, which was unsuccessful. She is planning to go over again in September 2018 to carry on with the research and re-work the grant application, for submission late in 2018.

Furthermore, Dr Stella Koutsikou has given a research talk to that department. She is in continuous contact with academic staff and they are aware of her new place of work. They share notes on teaching, as there is a lot of overlap, and she plans to carry on applying for further joint US-based grants.

* The Department of Physiological Sciences is part of the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville