Lucius is on holiday, but here is a rap by Bregans on the subject of slavery

Many will know Bregans as a British slave in the Cambridge Latin Course. Year 8 students, Tahirah, Sadia and Imah, from St Paul’s Way Trust School sum up the life of this slave in a rap as part of their entry for the University of Kent’s script-writing competition. It blew away our judges and we will be editing an audio file year to include in Lucius’ blog for the start of the school in early September.

Salvius: Well done Bregans! Lots of work, I see!
Bregans: Yes master, I have yet to make the wine out of the vines.

[he puts on his sunglasses]
And need money for the honey that I get from the bees,
You eat my pork with a fork which I make with ease,
I take care of 200 chickens for their eggs and meat,
And then I give it to you, right to your feet,
I get milk from the goats, yeah, it’s raining man,
I use their hair for ropes because I can,
I use the cows and take their milk and meat,
When I give it to you, you find it a treat,
I breed the horses for the army, yeah, they’re ready to go,
I use the sheep for their wool and milk, so you’re warm when it snows,
I give you oil so you can use it for lamps and soap, which I think is really dope,
I turn over the ground before I plant the seeds, basically I cater for your every need,
I keep on rushing, no discussion, do it all,
Without me, this farm would definitely fall.