Skills Hub

The Skills Hub is a physical and online space for law students designed to offer support with anything related to your academic study (except the answers!)

To find out more, visit Kent Law School Skills Hub


Academic Coaching for Excellence

Academic Coaching for Excellence (ACE) is an invitation only programme designed to support Stage 2 and 3 students who are at risk of not reaching their academic potential. ACE consists of one to one meetings with an ACE Coach to go through coursework feedback, upcoming assignments and any other factors that affect University life.

If you are invited to take part in ACE, please respond as soon as possible as places are allocated fast.

If you believe that you should be invited to take part, email



Like ACE, Value is launching in 2022 as a one to one coaching opportunity for Stage 1 Students.

If you would like an informal discussion about VALUE, please email


Freshfield’s Stephen Lawrence Scholarship

Since 2013 Freshfields, the international renowned Law firm, has provided the Stephen Lawrence Scholarship scheme to a handful of students each year. The aim of the scheme is to address the under-representation of black males in city careers and it provides mentoring opportunities, access to work experience, and a bursary to each cohort.

The University of Kent is privileged to take part in the scheme as a pilot university meaning we can submit applications for both Law and non Law students. Year on year, Kent has secured places for our students on the scheme.

For 2020, following many covid delays, the Work-Study scheme is delighted to announce that we have yet again had two successful students awarded scholarships. A total of 68 students from universities all around the UK attended assessment centres both virtually and in person. 13 scholars were chosen, 9 Law students and 4 non Law students. Theo and Alex from Kent secured two of those four places maintaining Kent’s success with this programme. After a delayed start, Theo and Alex are now well into the swing of the programme.

Applications for the 2021 programme open imminently and the Work-Study team in partnership with LSSJSuccess look forward to helping to the next generation of Freshfields scholars.