Student Voice Forums

The School’s Student Voice Forum (SVF) meets once per term. The format of SVF is 1-2 hour open forum meeting, where all students are invited to attend and share any issues, recommendations, or suggestions they may have to the School. Student Representatives will also be present to share any issues on behalf of the student body and to get feedback on previous actions to share with their Schools/ Cohorts.

If you would like to submit an item for discussion in your next SVF, please do so here: LSSJ Student Voice Forum Request

To read what has been discussed at previous meetings in your school and across the division, you can visit the LSSJ Student Experience Moodle page


Module Evaluations

At the Mid point and end of each of your modules, you will notice that you are asked to provide feedback on Moodle. We do this so students are given the opportunity to tell staff what they liked/ think can be improved, about the Module. We are able to then use this feedback to improve your courses.

If you would like to offer feedback outside of these set times, please contact your Module Convenor directly or your Academic Advisor.


Academic Advisors

Your Academic Adviser can provide personalised 1:1 academic advice and guidance throughout your studies. They may or may not teach you directly but will have specialist knowledge of your programme of study. Your Academic Adviser will contact you to arrange meetings with you. It is important you attend these meetings, which should take place at least once each year. During the meetings you’ll cover important topics such as how you are managing university life, details relating to your course, your module choices and to how best support you going forward.

You can find out more about how to make the most out of your academic advisor meetings on the Kent website


Academic Peer Mentoring

Academic Peer Mentoring (APM) partners experienced students with newer students to support their learning in specific modules. The scheme operates in participating schools and is co-ordinated by the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS). APM is a success strategy which helps students to make the most of their studies.

Academic Peer Mentoring is a voluntary scheme which is flexible, confidential, and fits around your availability and preferences. Full training is provided, and is compulsory for mentors. All mentors will receive a Kent certificate for mentoring. Your participation will be reflected on your student Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) and will be valuable for any future work placement or job application.

Academic Peer Mentoring is a partnership between SLAS and individual schools. If you are interested in taking part or would like to find out more, please contact the Student Learning Advisory Service or visit their website

Sign up to become a mentee

Sign up to become a mentor


Inspirational Speaker Series

An ongoing speaker series open to all students across the Division. If you would like to recommend a speaker, please contact