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After ten days on board, I thought it might be time to introduce myself. I am Leo Lyons, new member of the Logins4Life team and I will be based in the Cornwallis South building here at Kent for a year.

At the moment I am still immersed in the assimilation process. Pleased to be picking up plenty of hints from papers already published – what’s been done, what not to do and who to talk to. Plan is to make sure I know what I am talking about on the current state of ID management and single sign on  (OpenID, Shibboleth and other methods) and then come and talk to a lot of people out there to see if we can identify improvements and avoid the pitfalls.

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Leo Lyons

I am an analyst currently employed by the University of Kent to research and draw up recommendations in connection with the JISC funded Logins for Life project. The project is looking at ways of extending Kent's online relationship with its users beyond just the time they might spend with us as students and staff. The project is also investigating ways to link exisiting digitial identities with Kent IT accounts.

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