Scope creep: stopping it before it starts

This morning we spent some time talking through the different levels to which the concept of a “Login” could be applied from

  • organisation: this could be a school, college or university
  • sector: HE, FE… education in general
  • public life: including such services as the NHS or Inland Revenue
  • private life: Facebook? Twitter? Google Mail?
  • the utopian view of identity where every person has only one and everything just works off that 🙂

Where to draw this line is obviously a very important decision and one we’ve not yet made. I have a feeling that we’re going to be using the expression “in an ideal world” an awful lot…

We discussed a lot more about the fleshing out the work-packages in the project and where to drop particular tasks into place as well as going over all the intricacies of how to manage identity within an organisation — more on that later…


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