Talk to me

The Logins for lifeproject, in the next couple of weeks, will enter the Requirements Gathering phase. Matthew Slowe (initially) and I  will be approaching  system owners and users both on and off campus to help with our research. A  short presentation of the aims and scope of Logins for Life will be followed by a series of questions on what this could mean for stakeholders.

We are keen to hear from as many people as possible so if you want to get in touch or make a comment please don’t hesitate – you don’t have to be at Kent or a staff member – in fact we are particularly keen to hear from those who don’t currently have connections with the University – but may do in the future – and those who used to have a connection with the university but don’t any longer.

Or maybe you work or study at another Higher Education establishment and have already adopted  a  ‘Logins for Life’ type approach?  Our surveys will seek answers to set questions – what resources currently available to you would you like to retain when you leave the University?  how important is mobile access? –  but we are also interested in the bigger picture.

Does the future for access to on-line learning resources  lie with integration into social networking technologies, such as Facebook?

Is there a demand for HEI’s to provide a  life long email service?

How can we deal with users with multiple digital identiites?  One or more of which they may already have on first contact with the HEI.