The Lady’s Magazine Team Goes to Chawton

One of the many interesting and pleasurable aspects of working on the Lady’s Magazine project is having the opportunity to present our work to the public, which we were able to do at Chawton House Library in Hampshire. Chawton is an estate that was inherited by Jane Austen’s brother, Edward Austen Knight, after being adopted by the […]

Crafting through Covid

CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THE CRAFTING THROUGH COVID 1798 LADY’S MAGAZINE PATTERN AND STEP-BY-STEPS BY ALISON LARKIN ******* Now that we are post-event, I just wanted to add here the links so you can watch the conversation at your leisure. If you’d like to watch on Youtube, the link is here. Alternatively, you […]

Stitch Off to a Flying Start

After four months, hundreds of (wo)man hours, lots of friendly support and chat on social media and some innuendo-laden conversations about pricking, pouncing and Mr Darcy, the Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch Off display previewed yesterday. Today the ‘Emma at 200’ exhibition opens at Chawton House Library in the home that belonged to Jane Austen’s brother, Edward […]

Plagiarism (n): What other people do, or, The P-word part III

We have spent a lot of blog column inches in the past few weeks attempting to work our way through the quagmire of terms and ethical considerations that frame the culture of reprinting, repurposing, or remediating that characterises eighteenth-century magazines. The intellectual hand-wringing that has accompanied our debates about how to acknowledge unacknowledged republications of […]

Research Rabbit Holes; or, Hunting for Bob Short Junior

Countless are the times I have looked up from reading the Lady’s Magazine to moan in frustration: ‘I can’t stand this man!’ I’m speaking of Bob Short, Junior, author of the magazine’s serial ‘The Female Reformer’ which appeared periodically from March 1776 through the mid-1780s. From the outset, Bob Short declares he will ‘animadvert occasionally on […]