Women and non-binary only gym hours

In collaboration with Kent Union, Kent Sport is continuing to support the women and non-binary only gym sessions at the Canterbury campus, giving these specific groups the confidence to go into the gym and exercise in a non-judgemental space. Whilst the driver for creating these sessions is to remove barriers for these communities to use the gym, we are aware there may be other groups at the University who would welcome and benefit from our support and we look forward to working with Kent Union further on these initiatives to support these groups. These sessions will be open to all who self-define as women or non-binary.


“I am delighted to continue supporting these sessions which have been implemented based on student feedback. Creating safe spaces for students and staff to exercise forms part of the new sports strategy and we will continue to work with Kent Union and other key stakeholders to break down barriers to participation.”

Mel Clewlow, Director of Sport

Women and non-binary only gym sessions run weekly at the following times;

  • Tuesdays between 1000-1200 
  • Thursdays between 1700-1900

New for term 1 – we will be offering an alternative conditioning session in the main hall led by one of our Fitness Team. These sessions are open to all members to attend, please book in advance as per the regular timetable. All sessions are free for Premium Plus members.

“The Women and Non-binary only sessions create an inclusive space in which we’ve redefined exercise as more than just a physical activity; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where every step is celebrated, and every voice is heard. This is just one way our Union strives for equity, breaking down barriers for students who may have felt excluded before, making the gym a welcoming place for all. Kent Union are fully in support and working in collaboration with Kent Sport on this initiative.”

Toni Abiodun, Vice-President Student Engagement

The women and non-binary only gym sessions provide access to all areas of the gym at the Sports Centre including the ground floor weights and functional zone, and the cardio area on the first floor. All other facilities including exercise classes and changing areas will remain open and accessible to all during these times. Women and non-binary only sessions are free for Premium Plus members, or chargeable at the Pay to Play rate for Plus and Pay to Play members.

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