Why sport matters to Jenny Nash.

Kent Sport asked why sport matters. Jenny Nash submitted one of the winning entries and this is her story.

Jenny graduated in July 2013 with a BA in English literature. She is now studying Japanese part time at Kent.

Jenny said “Sport matters to me because it has changed my whole life. Before I came to the University of Kent I suffered with severe anxiety, and with lots of trepidation I joined a martial arts club in my first year…. Within a few months I could talk to people, make eye contact and had a group of long lost friends! Now I have just graduated, I am member of the Great British Kendo Team and have never looked back! Sport has given me self confidence, friends all over the UK and the world, and it doesn’t look to shabby on my CV either.”

Jenny joined the University of Kent Kendo club in her first year and instantly made a group of friends who have grown together and now have a lifelong bond. She enjoys Kendo as there is always something to learn. She loves putting on the armour and becoming someone else.

In December 2012 she was selected on to the GB Kendo team and has travelled to Switzerland and Germany to International competitions. Her aim is to be selected to represent GB at the 2015 Kendo World championships in Japan.

We wish Jenny every success for the future.

It is obvious sport matters to all those who provided feedback and has helped to change their lives for the better. Furthermore recent research by BUCS proved that sport has a positive impact on graduate employability and shows the current average salary of graduates who engaged in sport is £32,552 compared with £26,728 for those who do not.

More than just earning power the study shows 51% of graduates say sporting involvement has helped them develop teamwork skills and leadership qualities in the workplace.

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