What is Animal Flow?

Kent Sport Health and Fitness Instructor Sarah Black gives us an insight into this intriguing new fitness and dance class…

“What is Animal Flow?” I keep getting asked this question! My answer is, “come and find out.” I urge everyone to come and try Animal Flow and find out their own true answer.

Animal Flow is a movement developed to challenge the body in a multitude of different ways. It takes the individual back down to the ground and places the limbs close to the surface. We then use gravity to define strength and power and reach optimal stabilisation. We can accomplish resistance in the transverse plane of motion in this four pillar position using nothing but our own bodyweight. Ordinarily attempting to work in the transverse plane would mean lifting an object to increase resistance, but on the ground we use nothing but ourselves!

Animal Flow combines many disciplines and exercises to gain a challenging workout. We focus on wrist mobilisations, activations, form specific stretches, travelling forms, switches and flows. The individual learns how to move. It’s that simple.

Come to Animal Flow and learn how to work muscles that never get accessed, never get woken up! Activate, isolate and stabilise the joints that our bodies are reliant on to maintain posture and mobility. It will highlight every weakness you have, every limitation that stops you being supple….Then alerts you to focus on developing them for improvement, programming the weakness and conquering it!

Animal Flow is for everyone, it’s going to teach you to get grounded and earthed. We have come a long way in human development and civilisation in the 21st century. But we are still human and we can modify, but we can not change how we are meant to move!

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