Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights 2023: It’s a Knockout

Three men stood, surrounded by small, colourful cones on the floor

A set of challenges that put communication, trust and teamwork skills to the test.

For the first event of the Vice Chancellor’s Cup 2023/24 edition, 15 excited VC’s Cup teams were tasked with eight challenges over two lunchtimes, each under a time limit of three minutes.

The first challenge was ‘Rugby Game’, showcasing players’ accuracy with their passing skills, agility and teamwork. Team SPP Power were off to a strong start, intimidating the other teams with their accuracy and scoring an impressive 16 pts in this challenge! Female player, running with a rugby ball in her right hand.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The second challenge, ‘Equipment Charades’, saw the tension increase. Teams worked together to complete a number of tasks, under the direction of a leader who couldn’t speak!  U Bunch O’Kents aced this, clearly demonstrating they don’t need to attend any communication workshops, as they strode away top of the table for this round.

‘Hoop it up’ was a very contested challenge. Campus Sporting Exploits were the masters of the giant claw machine taking the top spot here.

The final challenge of day one was the fan’s favourite, ‘Blind Worm’, and was all about teamwork and communication. In groups of 4 – 5, teams were tasked with collecting as many balls as possible from the floor within a set time limit. Sounds simple, however, players were not only required to hold onto the ‘worm’ (aka some rope), and the balls, but they were also blindfolded, except for two team members who could see and direct their team to the location of the balls, and navigate the ‘worm’ around a set course the get the team to the finish line. Here they could dispose of the balls they had collected into a bucket, while still blindfolded, phew! Wriggling their way to the top spot for this challenge was Happy Ravers!

Four people standing in a line, three with blindfolds on, holding a rope, slung over their shoulders.


Take two

On day two, the teams were introduced to four new games, with the first challenge, ‘Minefield’. Teams were becoming suspicious of Billy and his blindfolds at this point, as they yet again made another appearance! Here each team had to direct their blindfolded teammates from one side of the sports hall to the other, avoiding obstacles and items placed in their way. Team Keepers of the Keys excelled in this game with amazing teamwork and leadership, clocking the fastest time of the day.

Two staff members stood one in front of the other. The person at the back has his hands rested on his partners shoulders. They are both wearing blindfolds.

The second game of the day was ‘Precious Cargo’, which required more teamwork, coordination, communication and speed, a dangerous mix! Here teams had to make their way around a course, whilst balancing a ball on a hoop, held up by four pieces of string. Moving with steadiness and speed this game was closely contested with five teams tied for first place: Happy Ravers, Marlowe’s Marauders, U Bunch O’ Kents and Keepers of the Keys.

A hoop with a ball balanced on, suspended by four pieces of rope, tied to the hoop. Each piece of rope is held by a person.

‘Pairs Match’ was the third challenge, again proving to be highly contested, with Marlowe’s Marauders taking the win, demonstrating their speed and impressive memory.

The final challenge of this year’s VC’s Cup It’s a Knockout was ‘Target Practice’, which was all about accuracy and agility. Using hockey sticks, teams manoeuvred tennis balls through a quick slalom course, before firing them off to knock over various targets in their path. Happy Ravers and Liquorice All Sports took the top spot, showing off their impressive hand-eye coordination.

There were some interesting and creative performances throughout the day with the top spot going to Donats, who went on to win the overall event with an impressive series of performances in each of their challenges, scoring a total of 21 points. Happy Ravers came in 2nd with 20 points and 3rd place went to Marlowe’s Marauders with 19 points.

With another 17 events to play for, it’s early days in the 2023/24 VC’s Cup, with everything still to play for! Well done to this year’s new teams and a massive thank you to everyone who got involved. The buzz and friendly atmosphere among all the staff was amazing to see from everyone.

Keep up to date with this year’s VC’s Cup schedule and results on our webpage. Don’t miss the next event, Volleyball, taking place on 28 and 30 November. 


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