Sports Specific Pilates

Kent Sport is proud to be launching a new fitness class – Sports Specific Pilates on Tuesdays at 2.15pm in the Sports Centre Studio.

Sports Specific Pilates is aimed at athletes who wish to improve performance and reduce the frequency of injuries. Exercises that focus on strength and mobility which will develop core strength to compliment sports players. Activation, isolation and potentiation will enhance the individual’s skills and maximise energy production. Small equipment is used to challenge the core whilst learning proper technique and pattern of movement.

The class is taught by Kent Sport fitness instructor Sarah Black. She is a Personal Trainer and GP Referral Instructor, as well as a Pilates, Yoga, Spinning and Piyo Teacher. Sarah is also a fitness tutor and assessor, so trains upcoming fitness students in the industry. She specialises in lower back pain, core function, running, along with nutrition.

Sports Specific Pilates is not only to benefit active individuals in their sports, but will also assist functional movement amongst individuals. Sarah wants to retrain movement patterns, correct posture and guide the body back to full potential. It is very common to see injuries, pain and lack of mobility with the general population due to poor techniques and incorrect muscle use. The class slows down exercises to ensure the recruitment of the right muscle groups to perform each task.

Sarah holds a strong belief that in order to see a benefit long term in functional strength, correct training of the stabilising muscle groups need to be paramount. Clients see short term strength goals from exercises, which is why the weights room and the treadmills will always be well used. It’s easy to feel and notice global strength increases by the immediate sensations they offer without considering the impact of improper training techniques on long term health.

We don’t train for longevity, the way we save for our pensions. Developing suppleness and strength will determine how we grow and what we become. You will never protect your spine, by doing exercises that cause damage to it. The spine is your back bone, the reason you are held upright, protecting it is crucial.

Sarah would love to break the barrier of views, that Pilates is a “girls class”. She encourages everyone to attend just one Pilates class, then question their initial opinion. Pilates is the hardest exercise to do right! It requires mental and physical control, with every sense working to co-ordinate mind to movement. It challenges every individual in their weaknesses, the progression of the exercises depend on each person. Learning to hold your own body weight is one of the hardest things.

“It fascinates me, when people can’t control their body weight and have no control of their movements. They go to physiotherapists, doctors and trainers to be told why they have an injury. If people slowed down, looked at their movement pattern and learnt the anatomy, they would see less injuries occur! How can sports players put their bodies through such demand, without consideration of rehabilitation. Will they be able to perform their best with tight hips? So why not sort them out? Dedicate some time to Pilates and your sport, and your health and your life will see improvements.” says Sarah.

Kent Sport Gold and Silver members can book Sports Specific Pilates (SSP) online or at the Sports Centre or Pavilion receptions. Free to Gold and Silver; and Bronze members can pay per session.

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