Scholars receive free placement on Karate Boot Camp hosted by Wayne Otto and Kent Sport

Three Kent Sport scholars have been chosen to participate on Wayne Otto’s Ultimate Karate Fighters Boot Camp as part of the benefit of their scholarship.

Hosted with Kent Sport, the boot camp is the second annual event for athletes with experience at national or international level competitions. It runs from Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 2015.

All participants will learn fitness and conditioning, training drills and routines, attacking and defensive techniques, fighting scenarios and strategies and plenty more.

Jasmine Pomeroy at 2014's Karate Boot Camp
Jasmine Pomeroy with Greg Francis at 2014’s Karate Boot Camp

Jasmine Pomeroy has just completed her first year in Forensic Sciences and is one of Kent Sport’s scholars who will be attending the boot camp for the second time. She has competed nationally as well as internationally and is a Kent Sport elite scholar. She gives us an insight of what it is to be a scholar and how the boot camp will benefit her in future competitions.

How have you found the scholarship programme throughout your time at University of Kent?
The scholarship programme within my first year of university has been fantastic. The funding of course has had a huge impact, I have been able to attend more competitions abroad gaining valuable experience. It has also helped with the cost of my training and travel to and from London three times each week where my club is based.

The strength and conditioning training that we have been provided with each week has been great and has been a crucial part of my development this year. I have seen improvements in my performance because of this. The coaches are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help as much as they can in order for me to reach my goals.
Access to the sports facilities at University allows me to train more often around my studies. We are continually given opportunities to increase our levels of performance in a variety of different ways.

How does it feel to be training on Wayne Otto’s Boot Camp this summer?
I can’t wait for Sensei Wayne Otto’s boot camp this year. I attended last year and it was probably the best training camp I’ve been on. All of the coaches were world class athletes and the knowledge and experience they pass on to you is very valuable. The camp is hard work but rewarding and I’m excited for whatever they have in store for us! The fact that the University have paid for the karate scholars to attend again this year is an opportunity I could not miss.

What are you looking forward to most on the Boot Camp?
It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing but training with such a wide variety of athletes and learning from some of the best athletes and coaches in the world.

How do you think the Boot Camp will help you excel?
The boot camp will give me new drills to take into my training and key points that I will be able to apply to my fighting.

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