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Max Halton


Trainer: Mike

2019 lifestyle goals:

I am looking to lose weight and gain muscle – as my physical appearance has been getting me down. Equally, having recently been diagnosed with insomnia I am hoping that exercise can ease this. I have also been suffering with mental health issues and hope exercise will give me a purpose and distract me from things that are concerning me.


Progress so far:

Over the past week, Mike has guided me through the beginnings of weight training as my main goal through this process is to gain muscle and become stronger. Our first session was just stretching, too my surprise I found this very difficult, not only highlighting how unfit I actually was but how inflexible I was too. However, by doing these stretches more often I have definitely noticed my flexibility improving, which in turn has helped me in my weight training. Our second session was using the weight machines and finding out what weight I should be using, this was a process of trial and error and ultimately we came to weights that both challenged me but were also achievable. Throughout this session I actually had to go outside and lay on the grass as I felt I was going to faint, a bit pathetic seeing as I wasn’t using particularly heavy weights. However, Mike assured me that this is natural as my body isn’t use to the amount and intensity of the exercising I was doing, and told me it will improve with time and perseverance. I look forward to noticing physical results but also seeing how my body adapts and grows to handle the exercise I am now doing. I have continued going to the gym and now feel a lot more confident as I know how to use certain weights and machines and execute particular exercises. I feel less like people are watching me and thinking ‘what the hell is he doing?’. I think that perhaps the skills Mike has given to me is the most valuable thing to take away from this experience as it will allow me to continue to improve myself further into the future. I’m excited to continue with this process and turn into an absolute beast.


A note from his trainer, Max:

“Max has made a solid start to his Xercise Factor training! Listening to the instructions given, and auctioning them into fitness routine, even if I am not there. The most important thing we have focused on has been laying down solid foundations for the rest of his training career. The road has not been too smooth for Max so far- training with me has been more of a shock than perhaps he was expecting it to be, but it is all a part of the learning process! Onwards to the next stage…”

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