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Jason Wheeler

staff member

Trainer: Adam

2019 lifestyle goals:

Following mountain bike crashes, training myself everyday to get my fitness back. Need to lose two stone for a medical at University coming up soon.


Progress so far:

Hi, I’m Jason and I would like to update you on my progress so far for the Xercise Factor. Since being given the opportunity to take part I have seen great improvement in my diet and training and set routines from myself and staff trainer Adam. I am using new equipment and different exercises which Adam has set up for me and this is pushing me in areas which I was lacking with knowledge. I feel great and keep giving 100% in my workouts – if you’re passing the Versa Climber you can’t miss me, the big guy sweating and panting, say hi and I welcome any encouragement! I’m finding this a great physical and now mental challenge – i.e. writing blogs etc. (new to me!), but I am enjoying the whole experience.


Hi everyone, just an update on how I was progressing with my new lifestyle routine. Everything was going great – Adam was teaching me new exercises and we worked on my fitness in different focused areas with bringing in weights and new cardio routines etc. The results have been great – lost nearly 3kg and my fitness and stamina have greatly improved and I feel great!

DISASTER! While at work I had a nasty accident and received 2nd degree burns to my right hand and lower arm resulting in hospital and rest and recovery. All my hard work and Adam’s guidance I thought and out of the Xercise Factor. So annoyed and frustrated at the whole situation I’m now in.

Sunshine and hope. After receiving treatment for my burns and not training for days, the doctors have said it’s ok to start training again. They said my fitness and wellbeing has helped the burns heal faster. After coming to the gym to see Jeni and the Kent Sport trainers, to my astonishment they have agreed to help me train and recover as the burns heal over the next few weeks. Adam has put together training plans for me and we have trained around my burns – he still pushed me on the Olympic squat bar, it was great to be pushing out reps again! This Xercise Factor and now being challenged with my burn injuries has motivated me even more and lifted my mood right up when I needed it most. I am so grateful to be able to carry on and keep the fitness going through this challenging time. Thanks to Kent Sport.

Hello everyone at Kent Sport and thanks for giving me the opportunity to take part. My journey has been fantastic with the training and guidance from Adam and Kent Sport staff. I feel a little down-heartened as halfway through the programme I was badly burned on my right arm and hand, thus greatly impacting my training routines. I was putting 100% effort in to each and every workout, training 2 to 3 times a day. When I started my Xercise Factor training, Adam has been very professional and knowledgeable with guiding me and training me. We have sat down and gone through a healthy eating plan, exercise plan and routines to work with Adam and myself. I have been shown great exercises which i have now put into my own fitness goals and have noticed a great improvement all round. Since starting I have lost over 3kg in weight, put on lean muscle and feel great. This would have been more if not for my injuries as where the burns were I was unable to grip properly, thus affecting some routines. I was so happy when I saw Jeni and Adam and Mike and the Kent Sport training staff as to my burns situation. Everyone has helped me carry on the best as possible and Adam has been 100% behind me with planning new routines to work around my burns so I could carry on as best as possible. I have been training around hospital appointments and having to rest my arm but still trying to give 100%!


A few words from Jason’s trainer, Adam:

“I’d noticed Jason in the gym previously as someone who always works hard so I was curious to see what he wanted out of Xercise Factor. After an initial consultation I decided to make some small changes to Jason’s training to provide a fresh stimulus to his body and also keep a food diary so we could get a better idea of his calories burnt versus calories taken on board. His commitment is excellent and I have no doubt that we will be seeing positive results with Jason.”

“The reason I chose Jason is because I had noticed him in classes and in the gym as someone who always gave his all. However, he wasn’t quite getting the results he wanted so I knew something needed to be changed and I was interested in trying to work out what that was. Since we’ve been working together on Xercise Factor, Jason has been keeping a food diary and we quickly worked out how he was taking on board extra calories without realising it. In addition to establishing a calorie intake target, we also set out a new exercise plan for the week that would give Jason a greater variety of exercises than he had been doing, such as adding in some resistance training. This was working really well for him until disaster struck and he was injured at work, receiving severe burns to his arm and hand. It was obvious that he was going to have to put his training on hold, but he texted me that same day to say “I’m not going to lose my fitness over this.” Jason wanted to get back in training as quickly as possible so initially we worked on some exercises that didn’t require the use of his hands or arms, and now he is back in full training again.┬áDespite his setback, Jason has managed to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass during our time together and people have told him that he is starting to look in better shape. His determination and tenacity is an inspiration and he is without doubt one of the hardest working clients I have ever worked with. If he needs extra weight adding to get the most out of an exercise he will tell me rather than allow himself an easy ride. He deserves success with all his fitness goals and I hope you will agree that he deserves your vote in Xercise Factor too.”

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