Chitlada’s Xercise Factor – the final

Last couple of weeks I have been t raining with Laetitia, it has been incredibly good weeks. Tischa coached me mainly the upper body, which is my main focus. Also, recently I was really pleased, Tischa has added more challenge and introduced me new exercises. It has been a great experience in the Xercise Factor Boot Camp.

Challenge Improvement

My improvement on my bodyweight skills have improved a lot. From the first week that I could not do full range pull ups, my progress at the end of Week#6 are as follow:

Week#3 Week#6
Pull ups with red resistance band 5 reps x 3 sets 8 reps x 3 sets 10 reps x 3 sets


I went from the red resistance band to the green one, which I needed to pull myself more – 3 reps x 2 sets. Also, I did eccentric pull ups for 2 times. Before I broke my left collarbone when I was 15, and I never practice pull ups since I lost my confidence using the pull ups bars. Now, I feel more comfortable and am able to do more than I expected thanks to Tischa.

Push up

Last time I improved my technique on the green box. Without any resistance, I am now able to do wide range push ups for 5 times, and mid range for 3 times.

Barbell squat and Deadlift

Since Week#3 I have remained training barbell squat at 50 kg for normal sets, 8 reps x 3 sets, and added weight to 53 kg for small sets, 5 reps x 5 sets. As well as dead lift, I performed 40 kg for normal sets and 43 kg for small sets.

New exercises

As I am a regular gym user, one of my goals of the Xercise Factor is to learn new exercises. I was impressed by Tischa teaching how to do clean.

At first, when we discussed what to do the week after, I decided not to try clean because I was scared of the movement. Then, I changed my mind at the end of the session that I would try. With a lot of movement, Tisha taught me step by step. It was incredibly hard for me especially at the transition when I lifted the bar from my hip up to my shoulders. It was tough for me to pull, drop, make it balance, and work my legs at the same time with my arms. We trained clean for 2 sessions and recently I have performed kettle bell clean and press. My techniques have improved and I have good feel for it.

Front squat would never come to my mind if it was not Ticha introduced me. Again, it was always hard at the first time, my arms’ position was not right. At the end of Week#6, I could do it perfectly.

Even if I go to the gym regularly, I never do barbell bench press because I cannot do this without support. We did this together and Tischa gave me support, as well as filmed me when I did not look like I needed support :D. For the first time, I performed 17.5 kg, then I performed 20 kg. I never know my capability before, it was great.

I am appreciated to be a part of this programme. It was brilliant! I have seen my progress, learned new exercises, and most importantly I get to Tischa. I can work out on my own whenever I want to, but working with Tischa is much more fun and more motivated. When I was on my own practising the exercises she had taught me, for some reasons I felt I could not let her down. Also, I like to hear she says ‘Push, push, push’ ‘Two more’ ‘You can do it!’ ‘Yay!’. This is just awesome and it will become my great memory after all.

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