‘It has been a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth’

Former student, Nene Oiwoh shares her experience of the MBA Personal Development Challenge

Nene Oiwoh with MBA colleagues

As we’ve just welcomed a new cohort of students starting their MBA journey, which begins with the Personal Development Challenge – something that continues throughout their time on the course – we decided to catch up with Nene Oiwoh (pictured above with some of her fellow students from the 2023 cohort) to find out how this particular MBA challenge has affected her future plans.

Nene, an experienced Sales and Marketing Manager from Nigeria, with 9+ years of experience in implementing and operating business programmes and services with a multi-million-dollar product portfolio, had a specific goal in mind when she embarked upon the course. She told us, ‘My career path has been quite diverse, and the constantly changing nature of it left me feeling anxious about not having a clear direction for my future. I found myself grappling with questions like whether pursuing the module would actually merge the different aspects of my professional journey and lead to career advancement. My objective in taking on this challenge went beyond the academic. It symbolised my desire to weave together the various threads of my experiences, skills, and aspirations into a coherent masterpiece of excellence.’

Asked whether she still had the same goal today, she replied, ‘As I underwent one-on-one coaching with Professor David Buisson, my perception shifted over time. I came to realise that the very dimensions I once considered weaknesses had become invaluable assets. These aspects have become a pivotal tool in navigating today’s interconnected professional landscape, providing me with a distinctive competitive advantage.

‘My diverse background revealed not just strengths but also numerous opportunities beyond the entrepreneurial route I initially envisioned. These opportunities encompass roles such as Chief Operating Officer (COO), board member for start-ups, consultant (both in IT and Business), and Head of Strategy. With this newfound insight, I am now drawn towards positions as a COO in technology-driven companies. In this capacity, I believe my leadership skills and adaptability can foster operational excellence and innovation.

‘The idea of serving on the boards of emerging start-ups excites me greatly. It would allow me to contribute strategic insights while capitalising on my entrepreneurial flair. Additionally, the role of a consultant holds appeal, given my enhanced problem-solving abilities and comprehensive understanding of various industries gained through my MBA course. And in the broader context of strategic roles, I now see myself taking on pivotal positions where my ability to integrate diverse perspectives and leverage interdisciplinary knowledge would prove exceptionally impactful.’

On talking to Nene, it is clear that she sees this challenge as a profound journey of self-discovery, where she has come to view herself as a multi-skilled individual. Through this experience, she has learned the art of harnessing her uniqueness as an invaluable asset and it has broadened her horizons when it comes to career choices. She concludes, ‘It has been a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This challenge has shattered the limitations I once placed on myself and boosted my self-confidence, empowering me to embrace new opportunities and possibilities with enthusiasm.’

The Personal Development Challenge is one of four MBA Challenges that make the MBA at Kent Business School so relevant in the current global world. It takes the learning to another level and allows the students to make even more important contacts for their future growth.

For more information on our MBA, why not attend an online MBA briefing. Our next one is coming up on Wednesday 25 October. It’s a great way to find out what happens throughout the course and speak to current students about their experiences.


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