Introducing Zaid: Our KBS Student Social Media Officer in Canterbury

Hello, my name is Zaid Mahmood. I am a final year student at the University of Kent (KBS). I am currently studying Business and Management with a year in Data Analytics. I am taking on the role of Social Media Assistant alongside my role of ‘Spill the B’ Podcast Host. I am taking on this role to expand my skills around Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, which is my desired career path after University.

Describe your new role

As a Social Media Assistant for Kent Business School, I collaborate with the Marketing Team and current students to create a strong brand image across all KBS social media platforms. I work alongside another Social Media Assistant, Roshini Kaur who covers the Medway campus, to create engaging content that appeals to past, present and future students of KBS and to provide valuable insight into their day-to-day activities.

What is the best thing about working at Kent Business School?

Kent Business School continuously aims to innovate its processes and evolve with the times. They have identified the importance of social media within the digital age and have sought to improve their online presence. This is a very exciting place to work for someone who is new to Social Media Management. I also love the collaborative approach KBS takes alongside students to aid in their marketing and day-to-day activities. This shows a real initiative from KBS to provide their students with an opportunity to put learning into practice in a real working environment.

How can students contact you?

I am currently working remotely due to the ongoing pandemic; however, you can simply contact me by email at to have a chat with me or for help with any student enquiries. You can also reach out on the KBS social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What are you looking to achieve from your internship?

I am looking to expand my Digital Marketing and Social Media Management skills as well as learning how to create engaging digital content that will appeal to a wide audience such as Staff, Alumni and current and prospective students. Kent Business School, being my home school, allows to me to showcase the brilliant facilities and resources available to students and also help KBS have a strong brand image.

How else can students get to know you better?

You can also listen to my Spotify playlist on Kent Business School’s Spotify to get to know me a bit more about me and follow us on our KBS TikTok! 


Students are welcome to contact Zaid for advice and guidance via email at

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