KBS student Nadia Simpson featured in Forbes with her sustainable beauty brand

Kent Business School student and ambassador Nadia Simpson, also known as Ewura-esi who launched her business as part of her selfie year was interviewed for global leadership and lifestyle website Forbes, in a feature advising others on launching a social impact company.

Her sustainable and ethical haircare brand, Nadia Esi Naturals, is made from recyclable products and from every sale, she donates 10 per cent to Blessed Little Angels school in Ghana.

“This year is my ‘selfie’ year and I have been working on my natural beauty brand Nadia Esi while working as a finance intern at a strategic design firm in Central London,” explains Nadia. “Nadia Esi currently provides all-natural handmade hair oils that are cruelty-free and are for all hair types.”

Nadia has spent a lot of time promoting her products at various events like the screening of Queen and Slim starring Daniel Kaluuya.  She was absolutely thrilled to be interviewed for a title like Forbes.

“Even if I can only help one economically disadvantaged child feel empowered and worthy, then I’ve done a fantastic job,” says Nadia.

Read more about Nadia’s journey with KBS here.

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