Introducing Ismail: Our KBS Student Social Media Officer in Canterbury

Combining work and study, Ismail Abdi is the new Student Social Media Officer based at Kent Business School, Canterbury. In this blog, Ismail tells you a little about himself and how he can support you through your studies.

Introduce yourself

Hello, my name is Ismail, and I am a Marketing student in my second year of University. I am one of the new Student Social Media Officers at Kent Business School.  I took on the role because I am passionate about marketing and branding and it is important for me to gain experience working in the industry I aspire to become part of.

Describe your new role

As a Social Media Officer, I collaborate with staff and students to cement the branding and provide engaging content for the University to appeal to future and current students. Additionally, I am involved in organising marketing projects that can increase the social media presence of KBS.

What is the best thing about working at Kent Business School?

Innovative platforms. Kent Business School seeks to adapt to the new internet age. By being open to different ideas, they try to widen the breadth of student experiences by providing content that will appeal to a new generation of potential students.

How can students contact you?

I am currently working remotely due to the ongoing pandemic, however, you can simply contact me through my email to have a chat with me or for help with any enquiries.

What are you looking to achieve from your internship?

I am eager to learn different aspects of marketing and content creation to take with me when I embark on my own career. I would also like to learn more about user preferences and trends in the area, to gain valuable insight into this exciting sector of marketing.

What do you hope to do after you complete your internship?

I would like to provide new ideas to organisations to help them understand and embrace this new era of social media and its powerful impact on businesses.

Students are welcome to contact Ismail for advice and guidance via email

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