My Study Abroad Placement: Claudia Díez

Considering doing a year abroad as part of your studies? We find out how one KBS International Business student is getting on during their study abroad placement so far. Read about their experience here.

I’m Claudia Díez and I’m originally from Bilbao in Spain. I’m in my third year studying International Business with a Year Abroad student at Kent Business School. 

Studying at KBS

Kent Business School (KBS) seemed like a university where I would fit in in terms of culture, as it is very international. The teachers at KBS are dedicated, enthusiastic and confident, which makes the students want to engage in what they are taught and explore even further. I would say that the best thing about KBS and the university as a whole, is the existing mix of cultures, which gives every student the chance to learn from others and explore new ways of working.

My year abroad

I am currently undertaking the Global BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) programme at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. So far, I have had the chance to explore and share experiences with people from different cultures.


The main highlights of my year abroad so far have been the ability to perfect my French, the mix of cultures at the university and the opportunities student are given at ESSEC, as well as living in Paris which offers countless things to discover and do.


The biggest challenge I have faced during my year abroad would be adapting to a routine. I was used to the environment of the University of Kent, however, because everything in Paris is new to me (timetables, friends, university etc), it has been an adjustment to organise myself in terms of library time, gym, food schedules and classes.


It has more than fulfilled my expectations so far. ESSEC Business School is a university that provides many opportunities for students as well as a lot of support and activities to engage in. I think the fact that I’ve undertaken a year abroad and especially being an International Business student shows how capable and ready I am to work within other cultures and proves my ability to learn to speak new languages too.


My main advice for anyone going on their year abroad would be to be open to get to know everyone and not to be shy. Introduce yourself to people, everyone is in the same boat!

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