Pitch It! Sustainability Challenge

Pitch It! challenges University of Kent students to improve the adoption of more sustainable behaviours in the Sibson building.

Sibson, the home of Kent Business School (KBS), is the most sustainably built building on campus, however still faces challenges on being as environmentally friendly as possible. Stage 2 Marketing Research students were set the challenge to research attitudes towards sustainability in the Sibson building and suggest ways to improve engagement with users.

Briefed by the University’s Sustainability Coordinator, Emily Mason, students split into groups to investigate attitudes towards single-use plastic, energy consumption and general awareness of sustainability issues.

Students carried out research in focus groups, performed observational studies of people using the building’s café, lifts and revolving doors. Students also researched best practice in other universities and spoke to key figures at Kent University’s sustainability team. Groups presented their findings to Marketing Lecturer, Dr Rachel Duffy with a shortlist making the finals to pitch to Emily Mason and Sibson’s three Sustainability Champions.

The judges were impressed by the depth of the research and the innovative suggestions, several of which are now being considered for implementation in Sibson as part of the University’s FutureProof programme. FutureProof aims to inspire the whole University to take action in ensuring that our estate, curriculum and students are ready for the future.

Thanks to the market research carried out by the students we now have a wealth of ideas for interventions that we can trial at Sibson to improve the sustainability of the building and change people’s behaviours. Those that are successful will go on to be used around the University and make a real difference.

We will need people from all disciplines to solve the sustainability crisis, so it is great to see marketing students using their skills to develop compelling resources and ideas that encourage everyone to engage with sustainability; change the way they see the world and most importantly, act.” – Emily Mason, Sustainability Coordinator

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