Life After Graduating with an MBA

Fast track your career with Kent Business School’s (KBS) AMBA and CMI accredited MBA programme.

Our MBA builds on your experience, transforming you into a responsible, innovative, and entrepreneurial business leader, using sustainable management for the advancement of local and global communities. The course brings together creative minds and experienced managers who want to make a difference.

The MBA builds upon three pillars; observe, create and practice. The programme:

  • allows you to understand organisations and the context in which they operate (observe)
  • helps you to re-interpret these organisational frameworks (create)
  • consolidate and apply this acquired knowledge to your own organisation (practice)

As a student you are:

  • provided with a foundation for continuing managerial development
  • surrounded by strategic thinkers with commercial flair and global perspectives
  • encouraged to think, question and find solutions alongside academic staff, organisations and fellow students.

The Kent MBA helps to:

  • enhance your business skills
  • define your career goals
  • create a personalised career action plan.

Kent MBA Alumnus:
Adam Bissill

Aspirational Entrepreneur

Adam Bissill, Director of The Specialist Generalist and Traverse Flooring UK Ltd chose to study at KBS as he was ‘impressed with the course content, reputation, accreditations and international dynamic of the MBA class.

He explained, the MBA ‘has had a huge impact on how I approach interactions with people in so many ways’. Adam ‘holds the lecturers of KBS in high regards and owes them huge thanks’.

View Adam on LinkedIn.


Kent MBA Alumnus:
Sarah Martin

Social and Sustainable Leader

Sustainability is one of the focuses of the Kent MBA, a key factor for Sarah Martin when choosing to study here as it is a core value of hers. Sarah is the founder of Nourish, an award-winning zero waste store in Topsham, Devon which has won awards for:

Recently Sarah has opened a second sustainable store on Magdalen Road, Exeter. She credits the MBA for ‘enabling her to set up a business of her own’.

View Sarah on LinkedIn.

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  1. 1. What is the difference MBA & AMBA course ?
    2. What is the course duration & expenses for MBA & AMBA

    1. 1. MBA is the programme which is accredited by AMBA (Association of MBAs)
      2. MBA course duration varies depending on full or part-time attendance. Find more information here

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